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Join England Deaf Golf

England Deaf Golf (EDG) are looking for any deaf and hard of hearing (HoH) golfers in England to join us in our events or compete in our society events.

Please get in touch with us through Facebook or by emailing any of the below who will be happy to help and answer any questions you may have

Chairman - Rod Oaten - 14 handicap -

Treasurer - Matthew Bradshaw - Scratch handicap -

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: How can I join?

Please check out our events page to see what our planned events are. Use the google form to sign up and we will welcome you with open arms at our event!

Q: Why should I join EDG?

To meet like minded people, united with hearing loss, in a supportive, but competitive environment. We will aim to improve your golfing standard to increase your chances of being selected for the World Deaf Golf Championships or the European Deaf Golf Open Championships.

Q: What golfers do you allow?

We allow all golfers with any form of hearing loss, whether they are deaf, wear hearing aids or wear cochlea implants.

Q: Do I need to sign (BSL)?

Signing is not mandatory. We have a wide mix of golfers who speak, sign or do both so we cater for every form of hearing loss

Q: I am HoH and don't sign - can I play?

Yes! We don't stipulate any requirement for loss in order to play in our events

Q: How do I join the events?

Please see our events page for a google entry form. Alternatively get in touch with us over facebook or email

Q: What should I expect at Events?

You should expect around 30-50 golfers at each event with a wide variety of hearing abilities. We play competitively over two rounds held on a Saturday & Sunday with the end goal of improving. Prizes are awarded at the end of the event on a gross and net basis.

Q: Do I need a handicap to play? 

Yes - If you are a member of a club you will have a CDH ID. If not, please join England Golf's independent golfer programme (iGolf) using this link 

Q: What handicap do I need?

To play in our EDG events we don't have a handicap limit. We do hold one event a year where the handicap is limited to the World Deaf Golf Federation requirements as below:


Men - 10.4 for the team players, 7.8 if you are participating as an individual

Ladies - 22.4 for the team players, 16.8 if you are participating as an individual

Seniors (50+) - 16.4 for the team players, 12.3 if you are participating as an individual 

Q: What level of hearing loss do I need to play?
To play in an EDG event we allow any form of hearing loss. However for the World Deaf Golf Championships (WDGC) or the European Deaf Golf Open Championships (EDGOC) the criteria is "hearing loss of at least 55 dB per tone average in the better ear (3-tone frequency average at 500, 1000 and 2000 Hertz, ISO 1969 Standard" 

Q: How do I qualify for the WDGC / EDGOC
Provided you are off the correct handicap listed above, we undertake an annual selection. Please see our "International Selection" page

If you have any more questions please get in touch with us over Facebook or Email

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