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England Deaf Golf, in partnership Knutsford based The Golf Group, are hosting a free event to bring Cheshire’s deaf community together to enjoy and experience golf. The event, held at High Legh Golf Club, aims to provide an inclusive and enjoyable experience for both children and adults.


Bringing Golf to the Deaf Community in Cheshire East

According to recent estimates, 88,244 adults in Cheshire East are living with a hearing loss, with 8,613 experiencing severe hearing loss. Additionally, there are 305 children in Cheshire East living with permanent hearing loss. Recognising the need to create opportunities for deaf individuals, England Deaf Golf and The Golf Group have organised a special event on 26th July.


A Morning of Golf Games and Lessons

The event, scheduled from 9:30 am to 1pm, offers a range of activities tailored to all ages and abilities. Participants can challenge the goalkeeper, take advantage of free lessons on the driving range, join the Long Drive Championship, and experience the pressure putt challenge as seen on TV. Interpreters will be available to support communication, ensuring everyone can fully engage in the event.


England Deaf Golf is a volunteer-led organisation and as major events are complex projects that require a significant level of commitment where our ambition is to raise the bar in the standards of the event and create a platform that promotes success.  Of equal importance to us is using this event to deliver a tangible legacy for deaf and disability golf. We have a team of deaf-led golf Activators who can offset their expertise as the inspiring role models to all participants in the form of performing and visual skills, and together with spoken or sign language.

Abi Owers, CEO of The Golf Group and a Knutsford resident, stated, "We co-founded The Golf Group to create new ways to bring people to golf. After meeting England Golf in 2022 and being inspired by their work with the golf community, we wanted to organise an event specifically for deaf golfers and inspire those who have yet to try golf to give it a go."


Join the Event and Discover Golf

The event is open to all ages and abilities, whether individuals who have never picked up a golf club before or play regularly. It aims to be a fun-filled morning, uniting golf enthusiasts from the surrounding deaf communities.


The Club House will be available after the event for everyone to come together to enjoy lunch and refreshments after the event. 


The event is free and available for anyone with hearing loss to attend. To sign up for the event and secure your spot, please visit the link below:

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