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England Deaf Golf is dedicated to promote golf at grassroot level.

The EDG Fun Golf for Children session took place on Saturday morning 4th August 2018 at Morley Hayes GC before the Team Society Cup competition (Kevin Whalley Shield).

We were impressively surprised to see a turn out of 25-30 children.

With support of 5 England Deaf Golfers, they showed the children how to use the golf equipment and some golf skills. The children had some targets to aim at, tried some putting skills and a game to play. They loved the tryouts so much that we will do try to provide more activities in near future. Please watch this space!

EDG also hoped some children,in future, will break down barriers and play golf as social and sport inclusion for children and adults with hearing-impaired disabilities within golf community.

England Deaf Golf is delighted to demonstrate our unique ability to provide and cater golf for all levels, ranging from grassroots trainings, competitions for all various skill level golfers and to top level such as International Deaf golf.

Huge credits goes to coaches Sean Richards, Martin Anderson, Danny Brandford, Donna Cross and Kevin Whalley

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