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Deaf Golf Societies

England Deaf Golf (EDG) are proud to be the governing body for our societies.

For the 2024 Society Fixtures please see the link below for GolfBox. You can enter online if there is an "Enter Online" link. If not please get in touch with the societies below

Should you wish to play with like minded deaf golfers please get in touch with any of the societies listed below:

1. West Ham 
2. Saxon 
3. Derby 
4. Birmingham 
5. Tees
6. Yorkshire DGS 
7. Old Boys BOARS DGS 
8. K2 
9. West Country 
10. Chiltern DGS 
11. East Anglia 
12. Reading
13. Surrey 
14. Conwy Coast
15. Leicester16. Manchester
17. South27 
18. Sheffield
19. Nottingham 
20. Glasgow
21. Stoke
22. Brighton
23. Merseyside and Cheshire 
24. South  
25. BNO

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